Monday, November 14, 2011

Mice! (Freakin' Out!)

Oh my god. I just saw a mouse. I was taking the bag off my vacuum cleaner so that I could shake it out and reuse it, and the little fucker darted right past me. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Right, I know it's not a big deal. I deep cleaned eight or so days ago and didn't see any poop so I'm pretty sure he/she is a lone agent, and I've set 8 traps (which is a lot considering this place is less than 1000 sq feet). So, it will be okay.

But rodents symbolize failure to me. As my mother says, "Only dirty people have mice" Well, maybe she doesn't say that, but I'm pretty sure she thinks it. I think she actually said if you're clean, you'll find the poop before you see the rodent. Whatever.

We had mice over-running our last two places, and it was completely uncomfortable to live there, but I've learned something about mice since then. A) Mice can get through the smallest cracks, and those places were (unlike this place) full of cracks and crevices that invited mice in. B) We are a haven for mice in terms of food on the floor (I've just vacuumed, but it's still a haven if the little fucker wants to set up camp). C) Mice breed every six weeks so there is no time to fight about whose job it is to set the traps which is why I have set the traps and will reset the traps.

C--is the only thing that is relevant in this situation.

This was my Facebook status from a couple of years ago (just to illustrate how bad the mice actually were):

In theory, I love my children to the moon and back, but when that love is tested by my middle son shouting help me mommy as he hops around with a sticky trap stuck to his foot with two little squeaking mice also stuck to it, I love him just enough to turn and run in the other direction.

Now, I'm leaving....  hopefully this fucker know that we're armed now. If the traps don't get him, I'll have the man sit up with the gun.

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  1. Get a good mousing cat, that oughta do it! We had mice in our garage a couple years ago, who eventually relocated, or something, with help by the cat. I know the little buggers live out in the bushes in our area, so it isn't any wonder they made it indoors.