Wednesday, January 18, 2012

God knows his Shit and I Hate the Wii

Remember that time I walked into the glass patio door three times because I was admiring my reflection in my awesome size five mini skirt? Then, I almost immediately gained 30 pounds because as God says in the bible, "Pride goes before a Fall."

The other day, I let my mom buy the kids a wii for Christmas. The only reason that I did this was becuase I knew it would get us in and out of Toys R Us quickly and on to the shoe store so that I could search for the prefect brown boots. I also knew that the faster we shopped, the more time I would have to indulge myself with lunch on her dime. As God also says in the Bible (sorry I don't have the verse and book on this one), "Greed will kick you in the arse".

Apparently, God really knows his shit. This Wii is killing me. I didn't know that anything could make little crazy d-bag number one any crazier, but this has done it. Before he used to cry for hours because his syrup got absorbed into his pancake or because the smell of cheese was following him. Those seem so normal now. Now, this stupid box seems to be making him uber-crazy. I hate the damn thing. I'd spill a cup of water on it like I did to the DS, but we were dumb enough to buy insurance for it. Dumb. Don't Get One. Ever.


  1. It wouldn't be so sad if he were just crying when he's not allowed to play it---"You don't even understand how sad you're making me"-- but he's mad when he's playing it too. And he looks like a glassy eyed lil crack whore when he finishes playing.

  2. I can understand that. Wii boxing and fencing turns me into a vicious maniac.