Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Worst Summer Ever

I swear I only write in this blog when my mood is low. My positive energy is wrapped up in other things.

Actually, I was in a fabulous mood yesterday, but due to the understandably glum mood over the forest fire, I didn't feel like I could announce that I had just stuck my soul-mate flag in some woman and was totally feeling fabulous.

The kids, however, are not feeling fabulous. This is the worst summer ever. They waited all year for summer, and then, what...  all the neighborhood kids went to camp (which we know is just a less guilty way of saying summer daycare.) This fact has boy two in tears for at least fifteen minutes at least once a day. They are not sated by the idea of organized play dates because that is just not the same as rolling out of bed, ringing doorbells, and playing cops and robbers in the street with a big band of neighbors.

Although many kids are gone, the neighborhood is not totally empty. There's the nice fat kid who lives with the adult with the face tattoos. There's the other nice kid who is staying at the house that I've frequently seen cops wearing white gloves search. But as lovely as those kids are, they aren't being that nice so alas, here are the kids watching TV, bored while all of our favorite bits of the mountains burn down, and the town is covered in a blanket of smoke.

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