Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be The Change You Wish to See

A long time ago, I realized I was the only person in the room comfortable with making dead kid jokes. Right now, I'm the only person in the room with three large and unexplained purple ink spots on her ass. However, I'd rather these unexplained inky ass spots to the time I thought the fat girl in the cubicle next to me was stinky and then realized that I had unexplained human crap on my shoe that I must have trod in at home.

You may remember about a year ago that I posted something about how I didn't have friends for the two years we lived in the suburbs and how I was just starting to make them. A year later, a have a healthy cache of friends and a larger group of friendly contacts, and I have noticed that I hear one sentiment over and over. Over and over, I hear, "you're the only one I've ever said that too" or "you're the only one I can talk to about that."

I'm not sure why this happens. It can't be because I'm nice because as covered previously, I am not. It can't be because I'm not judgmental because I am.  So it must happen because I am the one with purple ink on her ass and crap on her shoes.

I don't know if I can effect any meaningful large scale change in the world so I've decided that this is it...  I want to see a world where people can freely express their grief at accidentally buying a dildo that was a shade larger than their husband, where people can freely share their fantasies about accidentally running over their weird kid, where people can freely share their stories about getting knocked up by a Mexican twice their age, or whatever they current secret is.

So share, share freely because it's amusing....  (and possibly insightful or stress reducing or something that exists on a higher plain than amusement but amusement is good too).


  1. Yes, it's not because you are nice (you can be sometimes.) And you say you are judgmental, but I would say, not as often as you think, and hell, you'll say anything, which makes other people feel like they can say anything.

  2. It can be useful.. I have people come to me frequently with one issue or another, and when I can tell them that I know five other people with the same problem, they leave reassured. You'd think people would be so intimidated by my good looks and intelligence that they wouldn't want to tell me anything, but they're not.