Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Hate My Kids

These boys are being totally odious (that's my new word...  OED says it means hateful or repulsive...  so thanks to the boy's who have warranted its constant use for today).

I just told boy one that I would pay him $1 to hang the clothes on the clothesline because I'm busy, and he's cash hungry. Then, boy two who shrinks away from most work decided to stop watching his documentary and get involved in the laundry. Laundry fight ensued which ended with boy two cutting my clothesline in half with his new multi-tool.

That being said, I hate working from home, and I hate that when the work is good and I feel compelled to stop everything and work because I get paid per word, and when the articles are such that my wage goes from an average of $15 an hour to $40 an hour, I gotta make hay and ignore. Really, couldn't they find something to do? I'm not picky....  just a few minutes ago, they were seeing if lighting vodka on fire in a pan of wax would create a fire that would melt the wax...  that seems more constructive than cutting the clothesline of a woman who doesn't have a fucking dryer.

Annoying little jerk faces they are.

Next week is spring break, I'm going to pray that our house is full of public school kids who will keep boredom and crabbiness at bay.

Venting done. I feel so much better.

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