Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farewell, Facebook, you insipid bit of super fun

I'm twisted in my feelings toward Facebook... it's entertaining, but I'm prone to wasting too much time on it so I've cut the cord and deactivated my account. Okay, it's only been ten minutes so let's not have a circle jerk yet. We'll schedule that for when I've resisted its siren's song for a season or two.

Studies say that when young adults are taken away from their social media, they react similarly to someone experiencing crack withdrawal. I haven't done a lot of crack so it's hard to accurately assess the situation. However, I am a little shaky and I haven't stopped talking to people in my head yet. That, perhaps, is the most irritating thing about FB to me. I spend hours talking to people in my head that I will likely never see in person again or old coworkers whose last names I didn't even know until I friended them on FB.

Now that I've finally done the GREAT DEACTIVATION, I think I should set some new goals for my FB free life:
hmmm, well I couldn't come up with any so could you all please pray for the recently sprouted tomatoes and their still gestating cousins that are in my kitchen. Although I do dig a little Jesus, I'm going to hit up Demeter for this one. Dear Demeter, Please let my tomatoes grow into plants that will successfully move to the outdoors in a few weeks, and then, please make their yield abundant enough so that I can make a years supply of tomato sauce, salsa etc.. Thank you for your concern.

We got a giant trampoline today so I am going to empty out every last drop of urine from my faulty bladder and see if I can jump on it without pissing myself. (I guess that's a goal... it's good to have goals.)


  1. Your G-PS and BFF was here ...

  2. I've been known to blog in my head. Just warning you. :)

  3. I blog in my head incessantly. I want to move from thinker to writer.... its my new goal. That and I think reading the NYT during moments of boredom is prob better than obsessively checking FB.