Friday, March 25, 2011

I really needed a Day like Today

I was wondering if we really were a bunch of angry lunatics, and by we, I really mean me because I'm not going to sully anyone else's good name. Here's a run down of our day in case anyone wants to know what I consider a good day:

We woke up. Toby and Holden peed in the trough (aka the bathtub) while I used the toilet. Then we sauntered out to the living room where we found a nude Max basking in sunbeam. For Max that is always an indicator that the day will be a good one. Then, I donned my puffy skirt, put a bow in my hair, and flipped fresh pancakes off the griddle and onto the kids' plates (all of that is true but the costume).

I cleaned up the kitchen and delivered a cup of coffee to the man. Because we hadn't gotten up til 10:20, it was now 10:45. Max retired to a bedroom to listen to Harry Potter 7 on CD; he's still nude at this point. The man and I enjoyed a few cups of coffee while the younger two looked at a book. I walked by a mirror and noticed that I looked thinner than usual. Then, we said goodbye to the man. The children got dressed, and we mounted our bicycles to gaily ride through the town. It was much gayer than yesterday. We rode about a mile to get some cash and make a deposit and then rode to the ink store to refill our ink cartridge. We ate lunch (philly cheese steak for me, pb n honey or grilled cheese for them).

We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get the printer to print the soccer club applications (more on soccer and my many opinions later). Holden had a thought that must have gone like this: "In the next five minutes, I am going to pee on the patio door, rub peanut butter in my hair and run outside naked." If he weren't three, thoughts like that would make him a lunatic. I learned that urine shines a window nicely so that's positive, and his hair looked totally adorable with the post peanut butter spikiness.

We took a trip to the sporting goods store to buy soccer shoes. That passed without incident.
Home again. The crazy one twitched and screamed for a while on the floor about the absurdity of wearing shin guards and knee highs. I cooked spag bol while they watched a little program. Another short bike ride. We ate dinner. They put their soccer shoes and shin guards on and off about a hundred times.

The little one went to bed. The other two ran around and cast spells at each other.
The fat one made himself bacon and ketchup for a bedtime snack. The older two jumped on the bed, and one of them got a bloody nose (It would be a rare day that didn't involve a bloody nose or blood in general).

We cuddled up and listened to Harry Potter. The five year old fell asleep while rubbing my back, and the seven year old started to doze while stroking my hand.

All and all 10:20 am to 10:57 pm was an excellent time.
Thank god, I really needed it to go well today.

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