Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love this Town!!!!!

I love, love, love, love, love this town!

I just dropped son 1 off at geek club (Pokemon league in the back room at a comic book store). We traveled there via bicycle. I rode my super cool mom-mobile, clunky beach cruiser with a toddler seat on the back, and he rode his mountain bike.

It is about three miles, and we can get there entirely on bike paths. We only had to cross one road, and the path which runs alongside a creek travels through two natural areas and and two parks. On the path we saw other bicyclists, gray haired lovers strolling hand in hand, skateboarders, sweaty college boys jogging, and a team of ubiquitous but oh so sexy magic underpants missionaries. Incidentally, these people never try to save me. Is there a giant "sinner" tattoo on my head? One even stopped by our house, asked for the previous tenant, and left. Thanks for not even trying to save me, asshole. Anyway, alongside the path we saw geese, ducks, little urban farms, Frisbee golfers, a kite flying, grazing horses, and a little league game. The town is absolutely bursting at the seams with life... and it's not even that nice outside (it's about 50 and cloudy).

Could this town be any greater? No, it couldn't. I absolutely love it!!

Everybody sing along:
Chicks, and ducks, and geese better scurry when I take you out on my bicycle with the fringe on top!!! (wasn't that fun!!)

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