Sunday, April 10, 2011

My favorite Little Cynic

This post is dedicated to my Uncle G (as in Gee, You're Awesome) who blew my mind without even realizing it.

In the late 80's, a twelve year old Mama Minger had an epiphany in the Shopko parking lot. She turned to her mother, and said, "Uncle G (the one who gives the best presents every year) is gay and an atheist isn't he?" Her mother sighed and, even though it probably damaged her right wing Republican neck muscles,  inclined her head. POWSH (That's the sound it makes when Mama Minger's head metaphorically explodes. No, just kidding, it actually literally exploded...  "clean up in the parking lot, we've got 12 year old brain goo on the pavement.") Then, Mama Minger began the seven year journey that culminated in her becoming an agnostic by the mid 90's and an atheist by the middle of the first decade of the second millennia of our lord Jesus Christ.

Here's a look at the theological journey of my favorite little cynic Boy One (AKA the crazy one).

Boy One Age 3: I know, I know. There was a big bang. Monkeys started talking, and then, they became human. Can you please tell me another story, now, mama?

Boy One Age 5: I believe in Santa, The Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, Zeus and all those guys, Superman, and Spiderman.

Boy One Age 6: If Santa isn't real, who steers those flying reindeer around?

Boy One Age 7: If we went to church, would we go to that church?
Mama Minger: No, we wouldn't go to that one. It's an Evangelical church. We'd go to a nice Catholic church. Ya'know with the pope and stained glass windows and stuff.
Boy One: When you were little did you believe in gods?
Mama Minger: Oh, sure I did. I believed in god, just the one. You can believe in god too if you want too.
Boy One: Mom, I am waaaaaay too busy for that.

Reading Genesis to Boy One as a Bedtime story and We Arrive at the part where God makes a covenant with Noah.
Boy One Age 7.5: What are they talking about? There's floods all the time. This book is full of lies. Doesn't aaaaanybody watch the BBC news?

My favorite little cynic leaves me playing devil's advocate for god/gods all the time.


  1. Your G-PS and BFF was here and forwarded your post to Uncle Gee.

  2. Which Uncle Gee loved--no surprise.