Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Somethings that Warm my Heart

So the surprising thing about soccer yesterday was that I met some pretty rad soccer mom bitches. One's mother called the child protective services because her house was so messy. Hello, my new best friend, we have so much in common.

Things that have warmed my Heart Lately:

When the affluent forty plus mom with a prestigious job can hobnob with her thirty year old neighbor who clerks at the 711 without any alleged mommy wars or class issues in sight.

When the aforementioned rad bitches invite Minger over for wine.

When the King Soopers on Drake and Timberline has a grand opening that involves lots of samples and cake.

When the unhappy teen skater seeks counsel from the homeless Calvinist, Objectivist guy. (That actually happened last summer but it has been warming my heart for some time.)  

When Boy Two finds Boy One's missing Pokemon cards and cries out, "Happy Hugs!" and hugs his older brother.

Watching Boy Three emerge from babyhood and join his brothers' merry band of thieves.


  1. Soccer moms aren't all Stepford Wives? Who would have thunk it ...

  2. kate(merlicia's cousin)April 25, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    Unfortunately I have not been able to do a thorough anthropological assessment of my fellow soccer moms since the sun seems to never shine in Chicago and we have had eons of rain. My theory thus far is not as positive as yours...maybe I'll have to invite them for some whiskey in my hood.

  3. I luckily/accidentally got in the group of soccer mums who were more concerned about chatting than tracking the score. I have also noticed that due to soccer being super expensive that the vast majority are not stepford wives but professionals (dentists, lawyers, etc) who didn't breed til 40 and have now enrolled their children in the meritocracy that is childhood these days.